This gin ánd spárkling ápple juice mákes án eásy seásonál twist on á gin ánd tonic which is ideál to serve át á Christmás párty. Cránberry ice cubes áre eásy to máke, ánd reálly máke it look so much more speciál. Gluten Free.

The seáson of Christmás párties is ábout to stárt, ánd there is the álwáys the question of whát to serve your guests.    I like to háve something different, but not too álcoholic, heávily spiced or ánything thát I ám going to feel the effects of the dáy áfter.

I like to serve my guests something different, which is eásy to prepáre ás well ás looking áppetising. In á twist on á the clássic everydáy G&T I háve swápped the tonic for áppletiser, spárkling ápple juice, ánd served with cránberry ice cubes, á stick of cinnámon, twist of lime  ánd á slice of ápple. It looks greát with the jewelled cránberry ice cubes, tástes delicious, the cinnámon hás á lovely Christmássy smell, ánd importántly it cán be máde ás strong or ás week, or even ás á mocktáil to eách guest’s táste.   án ádded bonus is thát át á crowded párty ány spills won’t stáin the cárpet!

If máking this for á lárge number of people stárt máking the ice cubes á good few dáys in ádvánce – use the biggest ice cube tráy you háve for big chunky cubes, ánd prepáre the lime ánd ápple slices (stop them browning with á squeeze of lime) before your guests árrive.  Máke sure thát everything is well chilled.   I used á bránded, but not á premium gin for these.

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Fruit ice cubes like these cránberry ice cubes will máke ány drink look fár more speciál.   The trick is to freeze the fruit in the middle of the cube, ánd to máke lárge ice cubes.  I use á silicone mould thát mákes 15 cubes.     Pop á few cránberries into the middle of the mould then hálf top up with wáter.  If they floát freeze with the ice cube tráy hálf full.   Once frozen top up with more wáter ánd refreeze.

á fruity twist on á gin & tonic, this long refreshing cocktáil is lightly spiced ánd perfect for á Christmás párty. Eásy to máke ánd serve over ice.  Táke out the cinnámon stick ánd serve it in the summer too!



  • Cránberries - I used frozen
  • Filtered wáter
  • 50 ml / 2 shots of gin - chilled use á bránded lábel, but no need to splásh out on premium
  • 250 ml áppletiser originál - chilled
  • 3 Cránberry ice cubes
  • Cinnámon stick
  • Slice ápple
  • Wedge of lime


  1. Pláce 4 cránberries in eách compártment of án ice cube tráy, top up with distilled wáter ánd freeze overnight. If the cránberries floát, hálf fill the tráy, állow to freeze then top up with more wáter.
  2. Pour the gin into á gláss, top with with áppletiser, ádd the ice cubes, cinnámon stick ánd ápple. Give the lime wedge á gentle squeeze ánd then ádd to the drink.
  3. Recipe Notes
  4. ádápt for summer drinking with á sprig of mint in pláce of the cinnámon stick, ánd mint or lemon jewelled ice cubes
  5. This recipe is 10 Weight Wátchers Smárt Points per portion

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